ELLIE Zhemchug Nevy of ATLAS GRAND

Ellie month and a half


This is our first encounter with Ellie.
When I was holding on the handles, she gave me a lick on the cheek. The choice was made.

When Ellie was five and a half months, we went for the first time with her cats. The first day we received a nomination for BIS, excellent and title of the CACP. The first judge and the judge at  Ellie was a great connoisseur and lover of Siberians Alla Maksimenko.
In the future we won the title JUNIOR CHAMPION at number 001 /13


Ellie Neva Pearl of GRAND ATLAS was the best among cats juniors at the exhibition OLSK "Moscow spring" April 13-14, 2013

Ellie in ten months

Ellie 1 year and six months