The Siberian breed standard

WCF  (World Cat Federation)
(as amended on April 8, 2002)

Medium to large size, powerful, muscular. The neck is short and strong; the limbs of medium length, well muscled. The feet are large, rounded, strongly pubescent, Tail, tapering slightly towards the end, gets to the blades, densely and evenly pubescent.

Head short, in the form of a broad line, with a rounded snout and a slightly rounded chin. The forehead is slightly curved, with gently rounded contours and slightly curved profile. The nose is straight and wide.

Medium size, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Widely spaced, slightly tilted forward.

Large, slightly oval, the lower line of the eye forms an arc. Set well apart and slightly obliquely. Eyes evenly dyed, their color blends in with the color of the coat. Valid any mushrooms from yellow to green. Possible blue eyes or the eye with the colors of "van" and "white". The colorpoints blue eyes, and the deeper, the better.

Medium length, very dense undercoat is soft and fine, covered with a rougher and more powerful top coat. Dense and smooth drop-down top coat waterproof, glossy, hard, completely covering the back, sides and top of the tail. The lower part of the body and the back of the hind feet have only the undercoat. Especially long hair on the neck, chest, pants and tail.

Suppose any color recognized by WCF. Color-point called "Neva masquerade", However, neither for the Neva masquerade, nor for Siberians are not permitted as chocolate or cinnam she in any combination (solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby),the corresponding weak colors (lilac and fawn). Burmezskie palette is also invalid.


Scale scores

The body - 35

Head - 30

Wool - 25