Welcome to the website of our kennel!

Welcome to the website of kennel Siberian Neva masquerade cats "ATLAS GRAND, Moscow, registered in the DCP "FELIZ" N 457/ 14 WCF.

We have been breeding high quality kittens from elite manufacturers. The main goal of our cattery is getting kittens to good health, mentally stable, with good hair, good breed type.

Our kittens are raised in ideal conditions, they paid a lot of attention, time, they are surrounded by love and care, are in perfect health. Cats and kittens are raised in the professional high-quality feed a super premium, yearly vaccination and examination by a veterinarian, tested for genetic disease PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and HCM. The result is negative, cats healthy.

Every baby-kitten we accustom to the toilet, scratching posts, and most importantly - our cats used to love people and to make friends with them. Making the first steps in the nursery, our kids go on towards your future loving owners.

Cats are always a joy. Siberians have a high intellect, power, article, beauty, charm. Get along well with children. These majestic animals are admired for their luxurious fur wide collar, bright, expressive blue eyes.

If You have already decided to purchase Nevsky masquerade kitten - we will try to help You to choose the animal You have always dreamed of.

On the pages of our website, You will also find a lot of interesting and useful information about the care and maintenance of the Siberian Neva masquerade cats, choose a kitten who will be your true and faithful friend, will bring into the house of joy and love, fill it with comfort.

We hope that your stay on our site will be for You a pleasant and exciting!


Breeder the owner of the kennel "ATLAS GRAND"
Elena Belova
Phone: +7-903-623-82-73
E-Mail: atlasgrand@mail.ru